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In August 2015, the Company acquired 100% in 49 map designated cells (“claims”) in Fiedmont township within the Abitibi region of Quebec, located approximately 45 kilometers north of the town of Val-D’Or, near the town of Barraute that is located 3 kilometers from the northern limits of the property.

The 2,083 hectare property, referred to as Vendôme Sud, covered favorable geology for the occurrence of volcanogenic as well as magmatic massive sulphides (VMS and MMS) as well as quartz-carbonate vein hosted gold deposits. According to geological reports and assessment records on file with the Ministerie Énergie et Ressources Naturelles (MERN) of the Province of Quebec, the Vendôme Sud property is reported to contain several VMS and MMS geophysical targets, one of which is a historical Ni-Cu deposit first discovered in the early 1960’s, other targets have been drill tested by previous operators to contain zinc, silver and gold.

Previous owners of the property completed a high-resolution helicopter TDEM / Magnetic geophysical survey in early 2014, that has yet to be followed up; where 11 strong, plus 4 very strong anomalies were recommended for follow-up exploration. BWR’s initial exploration plans were to include a site visit by a qualified geologist accompanied by management, followed by the preparation of a NI 43-101 report to include a follow-up exploration proposal and costing, this initial site visit was deferred due to the lack of exploration funding.

Annual assessment was required on the 49 claims totaling $58,800 ($200 per claim) as well as mining duties of $4,682 ($54.75 per claim). In early March 2016, eleven of the 49 claims expired due to lack of assessment work being completed leaving 38 map designated cells. These eleven lapsed claims were considered non-key claims. BWR then completed an interpretation of the existing TDEM / Magnetic survey along with importing the historical diamond drill results to create a three dimensional interpretive image, the cost of this report was applied to 20 selected claims amongst the then remaining 38 claims. The report was filed with MERN in April 2016 for assessment credit extending the assessment dates of these twenty claims, the additional 18 claims were then allowed to lapse, considered to be superfluous to the 20 remaining claims.

The geophysical interpretation inferred a magnetically rendered continuation of the magnetic signature of the Magodor Magmatic Massive Sulphide occurrence beyond the drilled area that loosely defined the Magodor historical nickel-copper prospect. In late 2016 an additional 5 claims were allowed to lapse. The company is currently making plans to commence exploration on the property and at which time may reconsider acquiring additional land and prospects in the area if available at reasonable cost. The property currently consists of 15 map designated cells totaling approximately 635 hectares, covering the Mogador base metal prospect.